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Communication is essential to success, impacting everything from employee and client experience to brand reputation. 

A full-time hire isn’t always feasible, but operating without a strategy or trying to manage an overwhelming workload leads to missed opportunities and burnout.


Meg brings a fresh perspective, impeccable organization, and a thoughtful approach to help accomplish your goals as an extension of your team.

Meet Meg.

For as long as she can remember, Meg has appreciated the essence of communication - the ability to express ourselves and understand others to build stronger relationships. ​

With a Business Communications degree and more than thirteen years of marketing and communications experience, she spent the first six years of her career helping drive the success of brands she believed in. 

In 2017, she began freelancing and quickly realized how much she loves helping mission-driven clients, whether they need a communications expert or have the expertise but need help getting through their workload.

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Communication Strategy

A proactive, intentional approach sets the stage for compelling, impactful communication.


Working closely with all stakeholders, Meg will develop a strategy that aligns with your organization’s vision and overarching goals and serves as a long-term roadmap.

Planning and Project Management

Seamless projects begin with thoughtful planning that helps you to stay a step ahead at all times. 


With a meticulously organized approach and excellent attention to detail, Meg will ensure your projects deliver all objectives on time and within budget.

Writing and Editing

Whether you plan to outsource a piece or need something well-written turned around quickly, consider Meg an extension of your team.

Closely following your brand guidelines and direction, she'll produce the quality content you need.

Client Testimonials

Maureen Hart

Senior Director of Communications, Sienna Senior Living


Sienna Senior Living is one of Canada's largest owners and operators of seniors' living, with high-quality seniors' residences in Ontario, Saskatchewan and BC. More than 12,000 dedicated team members are passionate about caring for older people and are united by a belief in cultivating happiness in daily life.

"Meg is an outstanding communications professional who brought invaluable expertise to our team in the midst of a critical phase. During the pandemic, despite many hands on deck, it was challenging to manage the volume of communications needed to support our communities and key stakeholders.
As a seasoned, skilled communicator, Meg readily jumped in to provide support. She understood the requirements quickly and turned around projects with speed, attention to detail and a compassionate touch across all materials.
I would highly recommend Meg for any internal or external communications needs."
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