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Is your organization in need of communications guidance or support? 

The communications function touches an entire organization, impacting everything from employee and client experience to overall brand reputation. 

Whether you lack a dedicated resource or have an overextended communications team, a full-time hire isn’t always feasible, but managing as-is makes burnout and missed opportunities inevitable. 

I’m here to help you gain clear direction and produce top-quality work as an extension of your team, with the dedication and reliability of a full-time employee on a flexible, as-needed basis.


Hi, I'm Meg.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the essence of communication - the ability to express ourselves and understand others with the shared goal of building stronger relationships. ​

The value I will bring to your team includes: 

  • A fresh, objective perspective to evaluate your current approach and develop the right strategy to achieve your goals

  • Impeccable organization resulting in smoother, more efficient processes and the best possible work

  • A conscientious approach, with extra care taken to navigate complexities thoughtfully    

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Depending on your team structure and situation, you can engage me at any stage - from planning through to the final stages of editing.

Strategic Planning

A strategic approach sets the stage for the type of compelling, concise communication that is essential to strong engagement. I will work with your team to assess existing tools and establish the best channels and messaging to achieve your organization’s goals. 

Project Management

The skills and knowledge needed to oversee communications projects go beyond time management and problem-solving. With a meticulously organized approach, I will set your project up for success, working closely with all contributors to bring it to life on time and within budget. 

Content Writing and Editing

Whether you plan to outsource a piece or need something well-written turned around at the last minute, I’m here to help. With direction around brand guidelines, structure, style and tone, I will write or edit the content your team needs to stay on track.

Marianne Chilco, Former Director of Communications, BSS

"In the years leading up to The Bishop Strachan School’s 150th anniversary, Megan leveraged all available resources – including her own team and external suppliers – to cover every last detail among hundreds to raise awareness of the school and its long history, and generate support of the $35 million fundraising campaign that culminated in the opening of a new wing.
Her innate strategic approach and superior organizational skills made her a source of calm efficiency in the intense and far-reaching demands that marked this milestone... She brought to every meeting and discussion insights and sensitivity into audience needs and the user experience, resulting in strong upticks in community engagement and conversions across our campaigns and outreach. 

I would highly recommend Megan to any organization that values excellence in communications."
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