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meg stypa

Writer & Brand Strategist

About Me

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I'm a dedicated communications professional with a passion for writing and over twelve years of experience. I spent the first five years of my career learning impeccable client service at an agency before managing brand communication client-side.


In the past few years, I got married, moved to three different cities in a new country and was diagnosed with a chronic illness while starting my own business. These life changes spurred significant personal and professional growth, and mindfulness has helped me thrive through it all!


Read my blog, which features my take on how to make the most of every day using the power of perspective and self-awareness.


With my expertise and creative, intentional approach, I help conscious companies grow and thrive by expanding their reach and engaging with their audience in a meaningful way.



Intentional, result-driven strategy and content for your brand

Communications Strategy

Content Creation

Project Planning + Management

A solid communications strategy is critical to the success of your brand.


Whether your goal is to improve brand awareness, generate more prospects, or increase sales, I’ll work with you to map out your objectives and the tactics that will help you achieve them.


From there, I will outline the key messages that best support your story and establish the avenues for the way in which you will reach all segments of your audience and meet your business objectives.

Regardless of what business you're in, strong and lasting relationships start with engaging content that's created with intention. I'll work with you to plan and write content across a range of mediums, with new and inspiring tactics that support your overarching communications strategy.

I specialize in content strategy and writing for email marketing, social media, websites, blogs, and the editorial management of publications including online and printed magazines. 

Organization is key when it comes to marketing and communications, as projects often include many iterations and managing multiple vendors and partners — from graphic designers to photographers, to web developers and printers.


As a business owner or project lead, you may not have the time or resources to properly manage the many moving pieces and important details of your communications initiatives. With naturally strong organizational skills and a decade of experience managing complex projects, I will take the lead to ensure your projects are well planned and efficiently executed.

My Work

Communications strategy, content creation, and project management for all of the brand's communications initiatives including email marketing and social media. 

Cane and Austin is a skincare company based in NYC that combines its deep understanding of skin health with scientifically proven ingredients to create products that deliver immediate results in a simple, straightforward routine. 

Content strategy and writing for Adeption's monthly newsletter, which serves as a tool to increase brand awareness and nurture customers throughout the sales process.


Adeption is a global company with an offering that includes an innovative leadership development app based on vertical development.

Communications strategy and content writing for Dr. Kandi Wiens' website, which showcases her brand and expertise to help attract prospective clients.


Dr. Kandi Wiens is a researcher, speaker, executive coach, and organizational change consultant whose work is deeply rooted in the latest positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindset research. 

Content writing as a contributor to the Thrive Global community.

 5 Ways to Thrive Through Autoimmune Diagnosis Uncertainty

Communications strategy and editorial management of six issues of The Bishop Strachan School's bi-annual magazine*. BSS is a highly regarded all-girls independent school based in Toronto, Ontario.

2016-17 vol 1

2016-17 vol 2

2017-18 vol 1

2017-18 vol 2 

2018-19 vol 1

2018-19 vol 2 

*Masthead credit reflects maiden name

BSS is a highly regarded all-girls independent school based in Toronto, Ontario.

Content writing for a three-part series on The Upside, explaining a new way for start-up companies to establish a social responsibility strategy before they have the capital to do so.

Part 1 - The Upside of Giving

Part 2 - Pledging by Example

Part 3 - Giving Champions

Content writing spotlighting two of the winners of the CVCA's 2019 Regional Impact Awards.


Article 1 - NBIF Winner Of 2019 Private Capital Regional Impact Award For Envenio

Article 2 -  Novacap Management Winner Of 2019 Private Capital Regional Impact Award For Onstream

The Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association is the voice of Canada’s venture capital and private equity industry and works alongside its members (private and public sector firms managing the vast majority of venture capital and private equity in Canada) to improve the industry and drive innovation and growth.

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